vince clarke

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Vince Clarke is the mute musical mastermind behind Erasure.

Vince, back in 1980 formed Depeche Mode, with his old school friends. The band were signed to Mute Records and had massive UK top ten hits with 'Just Can't Get Enough' and 'New Life'.

However Vince soon left the band to pursue other ventures. He teamed up with Alison Moyet to form Yazoo. This was another massive success with top five hits with 'Don't Go' and 'Only You'. But after two albums the working relationship between Clarke and Moyet broke down and the band split.

Next came the project 'The Assembly' where each song would be sung by a different artist. The single 'Never Never' was a UK top five hit with Feargal Sharkey singing.

But Vince decided he wanted a permanent relationship and advertised for a singer. Andy Bell was the 41st auditionee and Erasure was started.

Vince currently lives in New York with wife Tracey.

Fact Attack
Vince is rarely seen behind his wall of synthesisers and only one Erasure gig 'Sanctuary 2002' has seen Vince accompany throughout on guitar.