Tiny Tour

Recorded live at the Oxford Apollo - 11/11/96
Format -  PAL VHS

In 1996 Erasure found themselves on tour again for the first time since the 1992 tour and this was to promote the build-up for their 1997 tour 'Cowboy Concerts (which unfortunately doesn't appear to have been filmed). 

It's a very traditional concert with Vince's synths built into a snazzy stage complete with scrolling text and special lights.

The video is a roller-coaster through the band's greatest hits to date and includes all the favourites such as Sometimes, A Little Respect, Stop, Chains Of Love and Love To Hate You. 

There are few outfit changes compared to the last tour; four for Andy (swan sweater and leather pants, a dress and a matching sweater and trousers which is changed to a fur coat for the finale) and Vince sticks with his customary suit changing into a tracksuit for the last few songs.

  1. Stop!

  2. Sometimes

  3. Take A Chance On Me

  4. Victim Of Love

  5. A Little Respect

  6. In My Arms

  7. Always

  8. Star

  9. Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)

  10. Stay With Me

  11. Spiralling

  12. Heart Of Glass

  13. Sono Luminus

  14. Who Needs Love (Like That)

  15. Oh L'amour

  16. Chains Of Love

  17. Chorus

  18. Rock Me Gently

  19. Love To Hate You