The Tank, The Balloon & The Swan

Format -  PAL VHS (Deleted)
                PAL DVD (Release - October 2004)

Erasure's biggest tour of all was the 1992 tour to promote 'Pop! The First 20 Hits' and 'Chorus'. This show was recorded live at the Manchester Apollo and lasts a whopping two hours and fifteen minutes and contains 29 songs.

This video marks Vince's first appearance from outside his synths when he joins Andy and the backing vocals on stage for 'Voulez-Vous' of the Abba-Esque section of the concert. He later remarked "I felt very uncomfortable. I didn't feel confident enough to do it."

The show includes many costume changes with Vince in less extravagant clothes than Andy whose outfits included hot pants and thigh boots and cat-suits.

The concert starts in a very misty atmospheric feeling with Andy arriving riding on a swan singing 'Siren Song'. Vince makes his appearance in a diving suit and walks slowly across the stage and then drives his music tank onto the set.

Unlike many other concerts, Andy and Vince say their goodbyes with four songs to go and do 'A Little Respect' and 'Home' as the apparent finale but they come back on stage in dressing gowns to perform 'Perfect Stranger' on a little keyboard and then 'Sometime' as the spectacular finale.

One major note is that Vince doesn't do 'A Little Respect', 'Star', 'Who Needs Love Like That' and 'Sometimes' on his guitar but on the synths which culminates in a great sounding pop concert.

Kylie Minogue, eat your heart out... Erasure make a great show!

Recorded live at the Manchester Apollo - 06/08/92

  1. Siren Song

  2. Ship Of Fools

  3. Chorus

  4. Breath Of Life

  5. Chains Of Love

  6. Love To Hate You

  7. Joan

  8. Voulez Vous

  9. Take A Chance On Me 

  10. SOS

  11. Lay All Your Love On Me <sound clip>

  12. Am I Right?

  13. Oh L'amour

  14. Waiting For The Day

  15. Heart Of Stone

  16. Stop!

  17. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  18. Who Needs Love (Like That)

  19. Stand By Your Man

  20. The Soldiers Return

  21. Turns The Love To Anger

  22. Star <sound clip>

  23. Blue Savannah

  24. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  25. Love Is A Loser

  26. A Little Respect <sound clip>

  27. Home

  28. Perfect Stranger

  29. Sometimes

    DVD Version
    The DVD release will contain an additional disc with backstage footage and interviews and is presented in 5:1 stereo sound!