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Radio City 96.7 - September 2000
With usual presenter Louis Hurst on holiday, Britain's top commercial radio station Radio City 96.7 (Liverpool and North West area) asked Andy and Vince to present the Sunday show 'The Sunday Sesh'. The programme is still going now, though presented by a woman called Gemma. Erasure are still regularly played. Web-Link -

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Vince Clarke on UK Hit Top 40
The first top 10 since 1994 spells Vince's first chat with Hit 40 UK host Foxy.
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BBC Radio 2 - January 13th 2003
Andy Bell dropped into Radio 2 to talk about the forthcoming Other People's Songs album to Simon Mayo plus an exclusive listen to a track off the new Erasure album in process. Complete with the non lyrical bits.
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