nightbird - steven's review

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Best Tracks
Breathe / I'll Be There / All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love / Sweet Surrender

Worst Tracks
No Doubt

OK Tracks
Here I Go Impossible Again / Let's Take On More Rocket To The Moon / Because Our Love Is Real / Don't Say You Love Me / I Broke It All In Two / I Bet You're Mad At Me

Steven's Review
Nightbird is a real return to form for Erasure after the last self-written album of Loveboat. The album is full of upbeat tunes and bouncy synths. The real stand out is the single 'Breathe' - along with 'I'll Be There' (with March On Down The Line-esque synths) and 'All This Time' along with Sweet Surrender. The biggest let down though is 'Here I Go Impossible Again'. After hearing all these wonderful things about it on the forums, I was expecting it to be awesome - but when I heard it I thought 'Was that it?'. It's good, but not brilliant. On the whole Nightbird is a really strong Erasure album but is by no means one of the most strong Erasure albums.
Steven's Rating 4/5

Review from the media
It's been 20 years since the flamboyant Vince Clarke and Andy Bell scored their first hit and Andy pranced around the stage in bottomless (are they sure) trousers.

Now this, the Erasure pair's 11th album, is a welcome return to their pop roots after an off the boil period which saw too many overbearing ballads.

Nightbird will not be a classic album and Erasure will never be as big as they once were. But this release is upbeat and, well, simply nice synth-pop that is worth a listen.

3 out of 5 (Nice tunes)
The Sun (21 Jan 05)