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And it's gold!

As previously announced below, 'Hits' has gone gold within a month, and it was within a week.

Some good news regarding TV as well. The Erasure TOTP2 Special is due to be repeated in late December. We had, as early as April, announced there WOULD be a repeat due to the mix up by BBC (Weakest Link shown BEFORE Erasure). Date and time will be posted within our [Media Section] very soon! <reported by Steven - 07/12/03>

Hits certified silver in the UK

The new Erasure greatest hits collection has sold over 60,000 copies since its release a month ago, and unlike its predecessors, Loveboat and Other People's Songs, it's hanging on nicely in the top 100 and with the 'Hogmanay' performance due to come, the album looks likely to go gold within the month. Hopefully this will boost sales and give Erasure a nice healthy start to, what we hope, a very successful 2004. <reported by Steven - 06/12/03>

Erasure to headline Edinburgh New Year celebrations.

Exciting news today folks! Erasure have been confirmed as the headlining act at the famous Scottish New Year celebration, Hogmanay, in Edinburgh. 

Tickets can be purchased online and cost between 25 and 30. The support act are rockers, 'The Coral'. What a great way to spend your new year!

Album in at #15

Erasure's good year continues with 'Hits' entering the UK Charts at number fifteen. Although it's not the same at the sizzling number one of 'Pop!', it's the best we can expect in today's pop arena. The DVD fared even better, being the number four best music DVD seller! <reported by Steven - 26/10/03>

New TV advert for 'Hits!'

The launch of 'Hits - The Very Best Of Erasure' will be backed with an all new television advert campaign starting on Sunday 19th October. To view the advert go to Erasure Info and click the appropriate link on the home page. <reported by Steven - 19/10/03>

Third consecutive top twenty hit!

Oh L'amour has charted at thirteen, one place better than previous single Make Me Smile.

What was especially encouraging was that Saturday's sales were stronger than the last two singles with only one place dropped all week.

'Hits' is released tomorrow on CD, LCD and DVD so make sure you go out and buy it in the first week. <reported by Steven - 19/10/03>

Andy on TV tomorrow 

Andy will make a guest appearance on BBC show 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' on BBC2 tomorrow at 9pm. More in our Media Section. <reported by Steven - 12/10/03>

Future Chart and Amazon pre release details

Oh L'amour has peaked at #6 so far in Future Chart's prediction whilst in Amazon it has reached the dizzy heights of number 1, having all three formats being more in demand than the Emma Bunton single out on the same day.

Fingers crossed..... <reported by Steven - 12/10/03>

Oh L'amour - The 'New' Single

The single from the Greatest Hits album has been confirmed as the 1986 classic hit 'Oh L'amour'. 

Following the format of the previous two singles this year the single will be released with 2 CD singles and a DVD single with an exclusive performance from the Other Tour. <reported by Steven - 07/09/03>

Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure

Erasure are to release on the 20th October their Greatest Hits Collection which includes 2 CDs and a 2 DVDs.

CD1 is the main album with CD2 containing a Mega Mix. The DVD is a 2 Disc set with the first disc containing all of Erasure's videos and the second disc contains two hours of unseen footage! <reported by Steven - 07/09/03>

New Live DVD

Erasure are to next week, release a new DVD through Mute Bank and concert venues.

Available from the 5th May exclusively through the Mute Bank and on the May tour will be 'Sanctuary - The EIS Christmas Concert 2002' DVD. 

For full tracklisting click here and for a scan of the front cover click here!

Plus an exclusive interview with Vince Clarke and Andy Bell is also available in the DVD's special feature menu.

The DVD is in widescreen (16:9 anamorphic) and mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound. It is an 'All Region' DVD and will be in PAL format. If there is enough demand the DVD will be also issued in NTSC format.

This DVD will cost 14.99 plus 1 postage and packing (UK price only).

Phone - 24 hour credit card hotline: 020 8964 0029
Fax - 020 8964 3722 
Online - Mute Bank
By Mail - Mute Bank, 429 Harrow Rd, London W10 4RE
At UK Concert Venues - details of venues

MMS Chart Position

Saturday sales yet again proved disastrous for Erasure as MMS plummeted from being nine on Saturday morning to being fourteen on Sunday.

It just goes to show the fickleness of the teenagers today and the stubbornness of today's media and radio stations.

However on chart countdown Hit 40 UK which is based on sales and airplay the single scraped a lowly #26 which means that single charted on virtually sales alone

But the single still managed the top twenty in the Official Charts so it's not all that bad. But will there be a third single? <reported by Steven - 14/04/03>

Mid week update

Make Me Smile has moved five places in the mid week chart from #14 after Monday's sales to #9 after Wednesdays. 

We can also reveal that the Erasure TOTP2 special on BBC2 was shown at 7.05pm due to an admin error and Weakest Link should have been shown after Erasure. Many fans missed out on the show (including me) and so it will probably be repeated in the near future. <reported by Steven - 10/04/03>

MMS Out Now!

The new single Make Me Smile is now out. Unfortunately Woolworths will not be stocking the single but well known music stores such as Virgin and HMV have not only got stock but great prominent displays and rave reviews for the single.

Help Erasure get the highest possible chart placing buying all three formats (CD1,2,DVD) and tell all your friends. Phone up your local radio station and politely ask for it to be played.

Let's prove to Mute/EMI that Solsbury Hill was no one-off and Make Me Smile can fully launch the boys back into the public's affections. <reported by Steven - 07/04/03>

More Make Me Smile details

Erasure's new single 'Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)' is due out on the 7th April 2003. Again we here that it will be available for one week only in shops although it will be re-issued at a later date as with Solsbury Hill. 

Slipcases in the same style as Solsbury Hill ones will be issued within the next couple of weeks automatically to those who received the SH ones. If you didn't then go to http://www.erasureinfo.com and click Subscribe. 

There will be an Erasure Top Of The Pops 2 Special on BBC2. The broadcast date is 8th April 2003. <reported by Steven - 20/03/03>

Greatest Hits album?

In a recent interview in the US Andy commented that a greatest hits album entitled 'A Little Respect' is due out in September. 
"They're talking about releasing a "Best of" in the UK in September. I think it's called, "A Little Respect", I think. We're going to do an album that goes along with it, an acoustic album of all tracks from the past ten albums that we thought that could have been great singles. And then we're writing the new stuff, so hopefully there will be some fresh material by the end of 2004."

So the horizon looks very bright for Erasure fans! <reported by Steven - 16/03/03>

Second Single

With Solsbury Hill being a success Mute Records have announced that the next single from OPS will be Make Me Smile (Come up & See me) which is due for release in April. Watch this space! <reported by Steven - 23/01/03>

Still in the top 30!

Despite the single now being deleted, Solsbury Hill still was the 25th best seller last week. It appears that stores had ordered enough copies to last all of the week. Also all Erasure fans would have bought it two weeks ago so last weeks sales would have been from other people such as teenagers. 

We can also reveal that OPS will be stocked in Woolworths this time and predicted to be a best seller and possibly a number one album as there is nothing else out next week. We wait with anticipation. <reported by Steven - 21/01/03>

Top Of The Pops performance

Erasure will be performing Solsbury Hill on Top of the Pops on Friday evening. This will be Erasure's first appearance on TOTP since Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me. in 1997. Erasure will then be doing a live web chat from 20:00 at The Top Of The Pops Website. Also the video of SH is being distributed around TV stations now. [the totp page] <reported by Steven - 13/01/03>

Solsbury Hill Chart Position

We are delighted to reveal that 'Solsbury Hill' has charted at number 10 after a fantastic week of hoping and praying. However it was beaten at the final post by One True Voice and Blue. It seems that Mute's tactics of selling the single for a week only has paid off and Erasure are back where they belong! Soft Cell failed, Human League failed, Pet Shop Boys have failed and so have Depeche Mode to break into the top ten recently but Erasure have made it. To listen to Vince's opinions tune into the 'Hot 40 UK' on all UK independent radio stations today. You can find all Erasure's appearances in our new Media section. <reported by Steven - 12/01/03>

Midweek chart

update: We can now reveal that Solsbury Hill is still at #7 but looks likely to fall to #8 by Sunday. Erasure's advantage over Blue and Elton John has stretched from 300 to 500 copies so a top 10 position looks safe. <10/01/03>

Solsbury Hill is riding high in the charts at mid-point at #7 after Monday's sales. Girls Aloud remain at #1 and Erasure now look like *possible* challengers to the number one spot although it looks unlikely. Major retailers such as Virgin are surprised at how many copies they are shifting and HMV are on the verge of selling out in some stores. Some people are saying that the single will drop out of the top ten by Sunday but we at March On Down The Line have all our fingers crossed. Solsbury Hill marks a new chapter in Erasure's history! <reported by Steven - 09/01/03>

Get Solsbury Hill today!

Erasure's new single is now out and it is probably one of the best Erasure songs for years. Solsbury Hill is a classic sing-a-long Erasure song up there with the likes of Sometimes, Chains Of Love and Love To Hate You. The CD single contains the first Erasure penned hits since Loveboat, Tell It To Me and Searching. The first hit is another classic sounding Erasure hit whilst Searching sounds like it came directly from Loveboat. CD 2 contains the 37B remix plus the Manhattan mix of Solsbury Hill and a cover of the the classical song Ava Maria, Erasure's first foray into the this type of music. <reported by Steven - 07/01/03>

Mute Press Release

Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, one of the most successful and original pop duos of all time, are set to return with a brand new Erasure single, 'Solsbury Hill', on 6th January 2003. [full press release]

Solsbury Hill Radio Mix to sound like Kylie

The radio mix to the new single Solsbury Hill is an exact likeness to Kylie Minogue's #1 hit 'Can't get you out of my head'. The reason for this is the man who mixed it is the same man who mixed the Kylie hit. This mix is to apparently gain Erasure a new younger fan base whilst the Dave Bascombe original mix is the version found on CD single 1 and the album.  <reported by Steven - 01/01/03>

Erasure Live selling out

Tickets for Erasure's 'The Other Tour' is on the verge of selling out with both London dates, Derby and Glasgow unavailable! Norwich UEA have stated that the venue is almost sold out. You can buy your tickets online from cclive.co.uk. I am going to the Norwich concert. Erasure will be taking their wildly rhapsodic show on the road, this time in Edwardian costume, to honour the era when the gramophone was invented, with a gradual change of wardrobe up to the present day. Back bolder than history, Erasure have returned to cover themselves in their own, and a bit of other people's glory. <reported by Steven - 27/12/02>

'Solsbury Hill' set for chart success

Early indicators shows that Solsbury Hill is set to be Erasure's greatest hit since 'Always'. The track is at #7 in the pre-release interest chart ahead of the Pop-Star groups 'One True Voice' and 'Girls Aloud' and the single will be going head-to-head with the winner of BBC's Fame Academy. 

The song is being critically acclaimed by guests on the Erasure Message Board and radio stations across Europe are playing the track.

Also 'Other People's Songs' is at #7 in the album chart based on interest in the material prior to release and 'Solsbury Hill' is at #7 in the German charts. Can't wait for January 6th! <reported by Steven - 14/12/02>

Release dates and tracklisting of 'Other People's Songs'

The album 'Other People's Songs' features a selection of cover versions of the band's favourite songs, recorded over the last year with producer Gareth Jones.

1 Solsbury Hill
2 Everybody's got to learn sometime
3 Make me smile (come up and see me)
4 Everyday
5 When will I see you again
6 Walking in the rain
7 True love ways
8 Ebb tide
9 Can't help falling in love
10 You've lost that lovin' feelin'
11 Goodnight
12 Video killed the radio star

The first single from the album will be Solsbury Hill, out 6th January 2003. <reported by Steven - 3/11/02>

Erasure's new album named - Source EIS

The brand new album from Vince Clarke and Andy Bell is due for release on Mute in February 2003. It will be called 'Erasure ' Other People's Songs'.

The album features a selection of cover versions of the duo's favourite songs and was recorded over the last year with producer Gareth Jones (the co-producer of 'Wild!', 'Erasure' and 'Cowboy'). 

The tracklisting has not yet been finalised, but the album is likely to include versions of 'Ave Maria', 'Ebb Tide', 'Solsbury Hill', 'When Will I See You Again', 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling' and a reworking of one yet unnamed Erasure classic. Dave Bascombe (who mixed 'Chorus', parts of 'Erasure' and the recent cover of 'A Little Respect' by Wheatus) has 
worked on some of the tracks.

Also Erasure have confirmed that they will likely promote the album by doing a UK Tour. They are likely not to tour Europe and America and UK Dates and venues are not yet know. <reported by Steven/Erasure Information Service - 06/10/02>

A Little Respect featured on new TV show

Erasure's original version of A Little Respect can be seen on Channel 4 tomorrow at 11 0 clock on new medical comedy/drama show, Scrubs. The Twelfth Of Never Productions website holds a clip of the opening sequence and it begins with a surgeon choosing to play the song as he performs an operation. The patient opens his eyes and says "I hate this song" and other surgeon goes "Me too pal, me too". Throughout the show people are always singing it and the Erasure version is played again at the end. <reported by Steven - 10/07/02>

Mute bought out

Erasure's UK Record Company, Mute Records has been bought out by EMI Records. Daniel Miller remains in charge of the company and although in EMI's press statement where Erasure was not for some reason stated as one of Mute's top artists, Andy and Vince look safe and the new album is still in progress.

Erasure at the Tivoli?

I have heard an UNCONFIRMED rumour that Erasure are going to be performing at the Buckley Night Club, the Tivoli. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but we can expect some more movement now the new 'covers album is well on the way.

Vince In Nepal

Vince has been over to Nepal to raise money for the charity Scope. He did quite a lot of hiking during his week there and he explains all to the Erasure Information Service including the arts of chain smoking and 'toilet talk'. [vince's diary]

Latest Album News

Erasure's covers album is going well and Andy and Vince are going to record an older Erasure hit or a hit wrote by Vince. Possibilities include 'Just Can't Get Enough', a hit for Depeche Mode (and written by Vince) or 'Only You', a hit for Yazoo (and written by Vince) or some Erasure tracks such as If I Could or Home. As ever we'll keep you up to date with all the news.

2001 news

Moon & The Sky update

You can now download an mp3 of the remix of Moon And the Sky. Go to our sounds section and click Moon And the Sky. 

6th November - Moon & The Sky is scheduled for release on the 10th December. Unfortunately it will not be eligible for the UK Charts. The tracklisting is below.

1. Moon & The Sky - JC's Heaven Scent Radio Re-Work
2. Moon & The Sky - The Millionaires Radio Edit
3. Moon & The Sky - Randy Roger's Ramjet Mix 
4. Moon & The Sky - Sleaze Sisters Anthem Mix 
5. Moon & The Sky - BK Mix 
6. Baby Love - Acoustic Version 
7. Freedom - Acoustic Version
 8. Alien - Acoustic Version 
9. Where In The World - Acoustic Version 
10. A Little Respect - Acoustic Version