Live At The Seaside

Recorded live at the Brighton Dome - 27/04/87
Format -  PAL

This is Erasure's first video and is recorded from their 1987 Circus Tour. This is not an extravagant outing and there are no props or funny outfits.

The track listing contains some classics like 'Sometimes' and 'It Doesn't Have To Be' and some great sing-a-long hits like 'Don't dance' and 'Say Whaaaat!".

One touch I liked was the promotional videos on the singles and I think that as a first tour, Erasure did very well. But one thing which isn't good is there is only thirteen songs!

  1. Safety In Numbers

  2. Victim Of Love

  3. It Doesn't Have To Be

  4. Don't Dance

  5. Who Needs Love (Like That)

  6. Leave Me To Bleed

  7. If I Could

  8. Oh L'amour

  9. The Circus

  10. Say What!

  11. Sometimes

  12. Spiralling

  13. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme