Kylie covers Yazoo for Christmas



Kylie has announced that the first single from her Christmas album will be a cover version of Yazoo's brilliant 1982 debut single 'Only You'.

Written by Vince Clarke, who describes it as the song he's most proud about 'because it almost makes sense lyrically', Only You is a powerful ballad about true love.

Kylie has enlisted the vocal talents of her friend, comedian James Corden and has stripped back Vince Clarke's famous layered synth melodies and replaced it with just a piano backing and herself humming the middle 8.

With the original charting at #2, an acapella cover version by the Flying Pickets a year later reaching the top spot and a 1999 remix by Yazoo also reaching the top 40, a top forty hit is virtually guaranteed for Kylie.

[Reported by Steven. Wednesday 6th August 2014]