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- Showgirl Homecoming Tour 2006

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Kylie Minogue : About The Site


We hope you like the new look site with it's new name 'I Believe In Kylie. The new name and design was launched tonight after the success of the forum.

The forum was launched on the 30th August 2006 after the sad closure of 'Confide In Kylie'. The forum also replaced the old Kylie area we had on the March On Down The Line forum.

The community is now growing fast and the forum is more active with Kylie fans than the old forum ever was. It was given the name 'I Believe In Kylie' and was given a stunning style in the form of the 'airHead' style, although heavily modified.

However I decided tonight that it was time to give the website a slight makeover and also to re-brand it with a Kylie name and automatically I used the forum banner design and name and thus the 'I Believe In Kylie' website was born out of the ashes of 'March On Down The Line'.

At the moment this is still just a BETA version. When you see the 'new' taken away from the address you'll know that the website is fully active.

The final exciting news is that a new URL will soon be given to 'I Believe In Kylie' - the actual address is TBC.

Any comments would be much appreciated!

- Site Manager


News articles are taken by me and credit for photos are always given. This site is not affiliated with Kylie Minogue nor Parlophone nor has it been endorsed.
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