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Kylie Minogue : Biography



Kylie has delighted us with some of the most memorable pop ditties in history. From 'I Should Be So Lucky' through to her new material, her music has always stood out.

Born in Melbourne Australia on May 28 1968, Kylie Ann Minogue shot to stardom in 1987 by starring as Charlene Mitchell in the hit Australian soap 'Neighbours', after stints on 'Skyways', 'The Sullivans' and ' The Henderson Kids' on Australian TV.

Before long Kylie was being mobbed in Sydney shopping centres and receiving awards, including the youngest ever actress to win the Silver Logie for the "Most Popular Actress."

Kylie and some other members of the cast of 'Neighbours' performed a version of the Little Eva hit 'The Loco-motion'. Afterwards someone suggested to Kylie that she should record it and in July 1987 it is released and by August it had hit the number one spot and remained there for seven weeks.

Kylie was quickly picked up by pop-producer Pete Waterman and signed up to his PWL label. Her first single I Should Be So Lucky shot to number one in the UK charts. Her production and writing team was the award winning Stock, Aitken and Waterman team (Mike Stock, Matt Aiken & Pete Waterman.

Despite being branded as disposal pop, Kylie followed the success of 'Lucky' up with the Loco Motion, Je Ne Sais Pas Pour Quoi, Got To Be Certain and Especially for you, a duet with old flame and Neighbours co-star Jason Donovan.

Kylie also continued her acting career by appearing in the film 'The Deliquents' but it wasn't long before her music starting taking over.

Having quit Neighbours, Kylie's next album 'Enjoy Yourself' yielded numerous other smash hits including the number one Hand On Your Heart and Never Too Late.

With her next album 'Rhythm Of Love', Kylie also sexed up her image - the album yielding great tracks including one of her trademark tracks, Better The Devil You Know. Further singles included Step Back In Time. For the first time on this album Kylie had co-written and produced some of the tracks with credible artists, with only half the album being written and produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

Her last album with PWL, 'Let's Get To It' paved the way for her next two albums. Kylie had dropped the bubblegum pop for more adult beats and R&B numbers. With Matt Aitken having left the successful Stock/Aitken/Waterman franchise, Kylie co-wrote the tracks with Mike Stock and Pete Waterman.

However she ended her PWL days where she began - with two bubblegum pop tracks 'What Kind Of Fool' and a cover of Kool & The Gangs 'Celebration'.

She left PWL in 1992 craving more musical independence and joined the Deconstruction label. Her first single was the super sexy 'Confide In Me' which stormed the UK charts at number two. Kylie was now proving her talents as a trained vocalist with some stunning ranges on her first album with the label simply called 'Kylie Minogue'

The Kylie of the mid nineties was completely different to that of the late eighties and early nineties. Gone was the manufactured pop, gone was the dungarees and shoes - in was the soft sultry tracks, in were the sexy dresses & small heels. Also in was a more creative side of Kylie - black and white photos and glasses. She was an indie princess

Follow up singles included 'Put Yourself In My Place'. A second album was released on the label, named 'Impossible Princess' where Kylie worked with Dave Ball (of Soft Cell fame) and Ingo Vauk. The album was delayed in the UK because of the death of Princess Diana and on it's release in 1998 it was re-branded as 'Kylie Minogue' - her third album to have new name in the title

Kylie also embarked on her first tour since the 'Let's Get To It' tour with 'Intimate & Live' in small venues across the UK and Australia. The show included many of her old favourites including 'What Do I Have To Do' and 'I Should Be So Lucky' in a new style.

However the two albums were not commercially successful. After the success of 'Confide in Me', Kylie did not break the top ten with any more of her singles with the label.

In 1999, having being dropped by Deconstruction, Kylie remembered she was not an indie princess but a pop queen. She had 'found herself again' and bounced back on her new record label Parlophone in 2000 with a number one smash Spinning Around, which was a throw back to her PWL days. The follow up album 'Light Years' in which she collaborated with Robbie Williams, was out and out pop and the next three singles, 'On A Night Like This', 'Kids (duet with Robbie) and 'Please Stay' from the album all reached the top ten.

The album was full of pop tunes with standout tracks including 'Butterfly', 'So Now Goodbye', 'Your Disco Needs You' and 'Disco Down'.

Kylie being Kylie, the new era brought a new look - the fun loving and disco diva Kylie, with gold hotpants, stiletto heels and the wholesome girl image back once more.

Spring 2001 saw the kick off of a major world tour, 'On A Night Like This', which was instantly acclaimed by the press with NME saying 'Generation K has glimpsed heaven. And that is slightly wonderful' and the Daily Mail said that 'Kylie is in her element, revelling in her status as the queen of pop - a woman at the apex of her career'.

The tour had a distinct disco feel to it and many old classic Kylie tracks were revived including 'Never Too Late', 'Turn It Into Love', 'Hand On Your Heart' and 'Wouldn't Change A Thing'.

Germany and Australia saw one more release from 'Light Years' - the ultra-camp 'Your Disco Needs You'. UK fans petitioned for its release over here but it never happened, although it had a strong part in the tour.

In September 2001 Kylie released the first single from her new album 'Fever' called Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Kylie Fever took off and it became one of the biggest number one singles of all time and it even managed to break the US - her first big hit there since the 'Loco-Motion' in 1988.

Kylie was given her own 'Audience With' on ITV1, and despite using the same musical backing as she did for the 'On A Night Like This', the costumes were sexier than the tour, paving the way for her forthcoming Fever era!

The Fever Tour followed soon after and Kylie wowed audiences rising from the centre of the stage in a robot outfit.

Kylie followed up the success of 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' with 'In Your Eyes' and 'Love At First Sight' which charted at number 3 and number 2 in the UK charts respectively.

One more single from Fever awaited the fans after the tour had finished. Winning a Grammy for Best Dance recording, 'Come Into My World' entered the UK charts at number 8 after so successfully opening the Fever tour.

In 2003 Kylie returned with a new album, new look and a new musical style. The first single 'Slow' had an sexy-electro vibe to it and showed off Kylie's bleached blonde Brigitte Bardott look.

The accompanying album 'Body Language' showed off a range of various styles from electro, hip-hop to R&B with Kylie determined not to bring out a Fever #2 album.

There was no tour for Body Language but for her fans Kylie performed a one-off show at London's Hammersmith Apollo with her mixture of material from her 'Body Language' album and her other Parlophone work with some re-workings of some hits from her deConstruction era.

Early 2004 saw more success for Kylie with singles 'Red Blooded Woman' and 'Chocolate' both making the top ten. 'Red Blooded Woman' was R&B mixed with pop. 'Chocolate' was the last single from 'Body Language' was was a sexy piece of sultry pop at it's very best. These singles, as with 'Slow' showcased Kylie's creativeness and were a far shout from the disco pop of Light Years. Kylie had managed to pull off with 'Body Language' what she wanted in the nineties - an album with credibility yet a commercial success.

However it was only a matter of time before Kylie returned to what she was best at and in December, the single I Believe In You that accompanied 'Ultimate Kylie', her greatest hits collection entered the UK charts at number two. By March the follow up Giving You Up had reached number six continuing Kylie's stranglehold on the UK Top Ten.

Kylie then embarked on her world tour to promote the album. The 'Showgirl Tour' was instantly acclaimed by press and her fans. It was a celebration of her career to date with most of the fan-favourite songs making an appearance on the tour. Much to the fans delight 'I Should Be So Lucky' was again performed as the original version, after different versions of it on 'Intimate & Live', 'On A Night Like This' and 'Fever2002'.

She was also to headline UK's Glastonbury Festival in June after the Australia and Asia dates as a grand finale for the tour.

Unfortunately in May 2005, as she prepared for her homecoming shows, Kylie was diagnosed with the early stages of breast cancer and had immediate surgery to remove it, postponing her tour and cancelling Glastonbury.

Chemotherapy and treatment awaited in Paris and by January sister Dannii had confirmed that with the cancer in 'full remission' the Showgirl tour was being re-scheduled finally for December 2006.

Since her cancer Kylie has fully re-emerged as the Princess of Pop. Her Showgirl Homecoming tour was sold out and she followed it up in late 2007 with her first studio album since 2003's 'Body Language' - 'X'.

'X' saw a mixture of rock and pop and the powerful song 'No More Rain' in which Kylie sings about her cancer ordeal. The release was toured throughout 2008 worldwide, again selling out arenas. Kylie showed that although she is now into her forties she has lost non of her on stage presence and 'X Live' was as sexy and powerful as 'Fever' and  both of the 'Showgirl' tours.

Late 2007 saw Kylie's second show on ITV, The Kylie Show, in which she combined live performances with pre-recorded comedy sketches with special guests Simon Cowell, her sister Dannii and her old flame Jason Donovan.

Her acting career also took a boost when she appeared as waitress Astrid on a galactic version of the Titanic in the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special, The Voyage Of The Damned. She even became the latest actress to snog lead actor David Tennant on screen (with Billie Piper and Freema Agyeman before her and Catherine Tate and Michelle Ryan after her).

2009 saw Kylie co-host the Brits with comedians James Corden and Matthew Horne, the latter having starred in The Kylie Show. Throughout the rest of year Kylie took her live show to America where she performed sets from X Live and Showgirl.

In 2010 Kylie's new album 'Aphrodite' was released with lead single, electro-pop inspired 'All The Lovers' charting at #3 with the album becoming yet another chart topper for Kylie. The album also received yet another large production tour in the guise of 'Aphrodite: Les Folies' which Kylie toured throughout 2011 worldwide to sell out arena audiences. She wowed audiences dressed as Greek goddess and for the finale of 'On A Night Like This' and 'All The Lovers' there were multiple fountains and Kylie ended up rising up on a platform.

2012 saw a very special anniversary for Kylie when she celebrates her twenty fifth year in showbusiness - who would have thought it back in the late eighties when critics were deriding her as just another wheel on the Stock/Aitken/Waterman wagon?

In 2013 there was shock as Kylie announced she had split from long term manager Terry Blamey and very quickly the Daily Mirror reported it was due to Kylie quitting music and deciding to pursue a career in acting. Within hours Kylie had tweeted it was not true and by the end of the month she had signed a new management contract with Rocnation, but remaining on Parlophone Records. A teaser song called 'Skirt' was released mid year hinting an all new modern sound but one that was still recognisably Kylie.

In September she announced she was to be a coach on BBC's hit talent show 'The Voice UK' which will air in 2014. The year promises to be an exciting one for Kylie fans with her new single and album being released along with a rumoured world tour and then she will be coaching on 'The Voice Australia'.

Biography written and edited by Steven - March 2014.

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