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Kylie Minogue : Features : The 2000 Comeback

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One of the amazing things about Kylie was how she came back to form in the new millennium after years in the wilderness.
After her first #1 smash non of her singles charted outside of the top ten and her tours sell out arenas on multiple nights. In this new feature we look at how Kylie managed to re-conquer the pop world and prove the nay-sayers wrong.

The famous gold hotpants

The year was 1999 and Kylie had just been dropped by her record label deConstruction. She hadn't had any top ten records since 1994's Confide In Me, her concert venues were getting gradually smaller and the glory days of the Stock/Aitken/Waterman period were all but a distant memory. She was on the verge of falling into obscurity. But she wasn't about to let that happen. Kylie was about to fight back.

Kylie's strong point had always been her fantastic pop gems and although she had been dropped by deConstruction, which had always been an Indie label, she was soon out there getting a new contract with Parlophone, a label which had big name acts on it like the Pet Shop Boys.

It's never easy staging a "comeback" and Kylie had actually not been out of the spotlight for too long. She had only toured in 1998 with her Intimate and Live performance, which although the venues had not been massive, it showed the hallmarks of the Kylie shows we all know and love now.

Kylie set about co-writing a new album, the first since 1997's "Impossible Princess". This time the album would be back to the good old fashion pop we had become used to from Kylie back in her glory days.

With the help of a certain pair of 50p gold hotpants she had purchased from a charity shop she set about changing her image to match her new poppy style. It was glitter-rama time.

Light Years though would benefit from Kylie deConstruction years. Although commercially the releases did not do well, they did Kylie the world of good. Her voice in particular had been much stronger than when she left the PWL label in 1992.

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