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Kylie Minogue : Features : Sex Kylie

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The resounding result of our latest mini-poll shoes that 58% of you rate Kylie's thigh high boots & corset style as her 'best look' to the 21% who voted for jeans and heels. In this latest feature 'I Believe In Kylie' looks at the late 2001 - early 2002 era when Kylie
dropped her cute image for a sexier image .... with the help of her corsets & boots

Out goes the diddy heels - in come the boots

The success of Kylie's album 'Light Years' had thrust back into the public eye and in late 2001, after a year of outfits consisting of mainly hot pants, glittery dresses and dinky heels, Kylie introduced an item of stage footwear that would become connected with her right into the present day.

"Kylie was quickly dropping the 'Cute Kylie' tag for 'Sex Kylie'"

She first graced the stage in her thigh high boots during 'Step Back In Time' on her own ITV show, 'An Audience with Kylie'. The boots were teamed with a fake leopard skin hat and a black lacey dress and were an instant hit so much that by the end of 2001 Kylie had worn this outfit and boots again on numerous occasions, one being the Bambi Awards where she performed 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head.'

'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' was of course a major success, Kylie's most successful single and as with all successful singles inevitable bootlegs appeared across the internet. One of the most successful saw it being mixed with New Order's classic hit 'Blue Monday'. Parlophone took note of this and soon remixed it officially - 'Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head.'

Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head' soon became the version that Kylie would sing at award ceremonies and the outfits would primarily consist of her thigh high boots and Kylie would now wear Dolce & Gabanna corsets now for her appearances. She would wear her now famous black thigh highs at the World Music Awards in Monaco and Italian Music Festival, but in the latter performance she sang 'In Your Eyes' instead of 'Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head'.

The famous Silva Nemesis costume

However in the world of fashion and pop, it was time for a change for Kylie and her black thigh highs were replaced by a pair of stunning silver thigh highs and a white corset dress at the 2002 Brit Awards at London's Earl Court in February.

The performances were heavily choreographed by Rafael Bonachela and and with Kylie also dropping her flowing hair styles for a more sexy braided look and with eye liner and lipstick combinations.

The boots were a must for Kylie's forthcoming world tour. The 2001 tour "On A Night Like This" had contained no outfits with boots, yet this 2002 "Fever" tour would contain three - the famous silver thigh high boots, black knee length boots over white trousers and gold thigh highs with a black dress with leopard print hems.

The Fever Tour though would become mostly known for her first outfit - the famous Silva Nemesis outfit. Kylie appeared on stage as a cyber queen before revealing her silver mini skirt and bra top, neck brace and arm covers along with those silver thigh high boots. They had become so connected to Kylie that even the press picked up on it when reviewing the concerts.

After the Fever tour, the silver thigh boots were never seen again and by Kylie's next tour, the "Showgirl Tour", the footwear section had reverted to standard heeled shoes throughout.

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