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Andy Bell and Vince Clarke (Erasure - Picture (c) 2005. Credit: Dirk Lindner). Signed by Andy and Vince at Manchester on the Erasure Show - March 09 2005Erasure were formed in London in mid-1985, after former choirboy  Andy Bell answered an advert in music paper, Melody Maker and found himself joining keyboard wizard and songwriter, Vince Clarke. 

A Little RespectBasildon born Clarke, who had already left behind him previous bands Depeche Mode and Yazoo plus a couple of one-off projects. 

Love To Hate YouErasure have had a string of hits including Sometimes, Love To Hate You and A Little Respect. 

FreedomAfter a dismal 2000, in which single 'Freedom' only reached twenty seven and album 'Loveboat' only scraped forty five, it looked like Erasure's day was Make Me Smileover. But the success of their cover albums project that included a tour of UK, Germany and USA, 'Other Peoples Songs' which reached seventeen and the singles 'Solsbury Hill' and 'Make Me Smile' that reached ten and fourteen respectively, brought Erasure back into the spotlight.

BreatheNew single 'Breathe' returned Erasure back to the top five in the single charts and with a sell-out 2005 tour, Erasure now return with a new DVD recorded live with showcases their amazing show!
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The Erasure Show Live - The fantastic new DVD will be available soon from all good music retailers. [Releases]

The Erasure ShowErasure have just toured the UK, Europe & the USA this spring with 'The Erasure Show'

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The Wit Of Vince!

Q: How many Spaniards does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Juan

What's the difference between a brussell sprout and a bogey?
A: Kid's eat bogeys.

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Steven Tattum - May 2005

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