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Site history
March On Down The Line does something no other Erasure or Kylie fan site does - it combines the two with hundreds of thousands of unique views each month.

The site was created back in 2000 as 'Erasure: An Unofficial Site' at http://www.tattum.freeserve.co.uk/erasure.htm. It was designed using Zyweb but soon with a move to Geocities the new domain http://www.geocities.com/erasure_online was introduced. The new site was designed using Loveboat colour schemes and fonts. By early 2002, the site was designed using Flash technology. However updates were hard using this format and by mid 2002 with a new Erasure album in the process of being made, a new site design was incorporated and when I first heard Wonderland, I changed the name of the site to the wonderful 'March On Down The Line'.

From there the site went from strength to strength with more and more exclusive features being published with more and more fans praising the site.
In 2004 I decided to give the site a new unique identity - the only Erasure fan site to publish information on selected other artists in the special features section of the website.

The artists chosen was Soft Cell, Human League and Kylie Minogue. These proved to be very successful despite the only brief biographies, chart positions and selected images and MP3 sound clips.

By May 2005 with the Kylie page alone taking in hundreds of unique views a month it was decided to expand the March On Down The Line site to include a complete Kylie section.

It was at this point that March On Down The Line became massive - the amazing forum attracts many posts every day from people from South Wales and Yorkshire to Boston and Denmark.

When I first designed the site in 2000 to coincide with the release of the Erasure album 'Loveboat' I never could have imagined the success story that lay ahead of me.


September 2005

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